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Ursus arctos, a key player in the ecology of the park and the valley.Bears concentrate along the valley for the seasonal arrival of salmon.Drifting the Atnarko river with an experienced guide is one of the best ways to photograph bears.Traveling and searching for food brings bears out into the open.A pink salmon provides the important sustenance for Grizzlies of the Great Bear Rainforest.Remnant forests of colossal western red cedar can still be experienced in the valley.Salmon are an important resource to all inhabitants of the area.A black bear actively feeds on knnikinnick berries when not searching the river for salmon.This Tweedsmuir area of the Coast Mountains provides some of Canada's most striking scenery.A yearling grizzly travels along the Atnarko River.Alder trees line much of the lower Bella Coola River.Cedar and current. The Nusatsum River is one of the lower Bella Coola Rivers largest tributaries.Cottonwood leaf adding to the cycle of life.Even when feeding, grizzly bears are always alert.Rugged Coast Mountains uplifted and worked over by glaciers.An American dipper takes a break from its aquatic feeding routine.Sunrise on Stupendous MountainThe forest embrace of red cedar and Douglas fir.A mother and cub stroll to the river for an afternoon of foraging.Last of the fireweed in bloom.